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Welcome to the latest innovation in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) practice!

At SLPinfo.org we’re committed to helping to deal with the ever growing pressures being faced by the SLP community. Caseload demands are expanding while at the same time SLPs are being told by state agencies, rehab supervisors, parents, clients, and funding sources that they need to justify what they are doing. They need to demonstrate the validity of their diagnostic decisions and their intervention method choices. Or to use today’s big buzzword, they need to engage in ‘evidence-based practice’.

But what’s a busy clinician to do? Who has the time? The knowledge base is expanding and yet there aren’t enough hours in the day to absorb and integrate that knowledge while at the same time keeping up with the day to day demands of clinical practice.

In response to this need, our mission at SLPinfo.org is to serve the SLP community with quality information products. Our products will provide the latest information on speech and language disorders and how to assess and treat them. Our products draw on the latest research and proven techniques in the field and are distilled down to the core. Whether you are newly certified and just beginning your first clinical assignment or a veteran SLP, and regardless of your work setting, you will find our products will serve your needs.

At SLPinfo.org all of our products are available in easy to use .pdf format so you can either easily print them out or carry them with you in your laptop to consult whenever you need them.

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